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Are you interested in building your own house? Want to shift your family to an affordable house that doesn’t cost a fortune? We at Homes of Silvercrest made it easier for you to build Laneway house or carriage house as its called in Coquitlam. Our team pride itself on providing the most sustainable, versatile, and feature-looking house you can buy in Canada.

Have a custom house design that needs attention? We have a dedicated team of designers and architectures that will make your dream house come into reality. Building a new carriage house or laneway house in Coquitlam or Vancouver, BC has never been easier than before. With the right expertise and guide, we ensure that every inch of your free space is utilized in a useful manner.

Why Choose a Laneway House Coquitlam?

Because of the immersive population growth and other economic factors, building a new laneway house coquitam from scratch is very difficult, especially if you don’t own a huge plot space. This is not only applicable in Canada but the rest of the world as well.This is where Laneway homes come as a huge relief for most people with big families.

Thankfully, the authorities of Canada especially Real Estate Board of Greater Vancouver have taken immersive steps at the right time to ensure the integrity and convenience of its population, by providing them with sustainable housing options. One of such is a laneway house Coquitlam . You can build your coach house for less if you reside in Coquitlam.

Full Transparency in Coquitlam

A laneway home is a fully independent house, which ensures maximum transparency. The allocated space has its own bathroom, kitchen, living and sleeping space. You can also have a garage space depending on your area selection. We will engineer a perfect laneway house for you, so you can use it as a family house. A laneway home is not only limited to the backyard of your main house, you can also build it around the front porch.

We ensure that all the code compliance and owner-builder requirements are met with proper legal channels. Most carriage house or laneway homes are designed and architect by licensed homebuilders. The builders check all the provincial regulations and pass the owner builder requirement preferred through the associated housing community.

5 Simple Steps to build a new Laneway House Coquitlam

Building a new laneway home requires a number of permits and approvals from the local authorities. We have categorized them into the following 5 simple steps.

Step 1: Review Zoning Regulations

All the zoning regulations and property attributes are checked in this step. This includes your full house design and architectural details.

Step 2: Pre-approvals

To ensure that your zoning regulations are met, you should get pre-approval from certain by-laws and regulations. The rules are different in each city, so check your own regulation prior to proceeding.

Step 3: Document Submission

You submit your documentation to the associated authorities and pay the application fee. Your permit will be reviewed in the following step.

Step 4: Begin Construction

Once the building permit is approved, you can start building on your laneway home. The construction process will be completed according to the set time limit with your advisor.

Step 5: Occupy Building

A final selection is required in some cases before the occupancy. Once approved, you can start living in your new laneway house.

Welcome to your own private laneway house where you can have full control of everything. You can also renovate your house In the future. We at the homes of Silvercrest will save you from all the legal proceedings and permit contracts.

Our services include house building, renovation, and house additions. Still, confused about how this all works? Book a free consultation with us today. Get all the insights information and project estimation for free.

Why Work with Us

Green Materials

We use environmentally friendly material for prioritized clean construction. Other elements include high-quality wiring, interior design, and wood-work.

Efficient Building

All the project details and guidelines are completed within the set timeframe and budget. No extra or hidden charges.

Full Services

We provide full house building services such as designing, construction, maintenance, and renovation.

High Standards

We strive to maintain a high standard in Canada so you can enjoy a safe and healthy life. Our projects are well constructed and follow a strictly guided strategy to ensure build quality.

Convert your Dream Carriage / Laneway House into Reality

The way the population is evolving, owning a house is becoming more of a basic necessity. It’s a dream of everyone to live in a personal space. However, not all of us have the resources to do so.

With this new laneway house initiative, you can convert your dream house into reality. Built a private space (i.e Carriage house/laneway house) for yourself or your family at a custom budget. There are no high-scale prices or a down payment; everything is straight forward and manageable.

Looking to build or renovate a house in Canada? We can help you build a beautiful laneway house at Coquitlam, Vancouver, Delta, Langley, and more. Get in touch with us and order a free consultation session today.


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