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Trust Your Condo’s Interior to the Condo Renovations Coquitlam Team

Do you love your condo’s location? Do you feel bored with your space? Refresh your condo’s look with our condo renovations Coquitlam team.

Condo renovations are like puzzles. Obviously, there are a lot of moving pieces that require coordination. For this reason, it’s important to hire a full-service builder. We can guide you through the process smoothly.  

Silvercrest Custom Homes and Renovations considers condo renovations in Coquitlam one of our specialties. With this intention in mind, our team includes contractors, designers, project managers, and construction specialists. This enables us to handle every step of the renovation process.

Why Invest in Condo Renovations ?

Condo renovations have multiple utilities. Updating your space can:

  • increase rental value
  • serve as an investment in resale value
  • provide an updated feel to your home
  • prevent boredom with your space

Especially in hot rental markets, having a condo that stands out in the crowd can be a great asset. Sometimes, creating a unique space that feels like it’s yours is challenging in a condo setting.

Condo Renovations Process

Regardless of your reason for renovating, our condo renovations Coquitlam team will make the process smooth. First, the design team will sit down for a consultation with you to make sure they know exactly what your goal is. Then, they will hit the drawing board. We happily complete multiple drawing iterations until your vision is represented flawlessly.

The design process is really critical for us in a condo renovation because it sets us up to do all the other pieces well. To that end, if we have a solid understanding of what changes you want to see, we can determine what alterations we can and can’t fulfill based on the locations of water hook-ups and your building’s rules.

Our goal during any condo renovation is to provide as much transparency and communication as possible. Subsequently, that starts with setting the right expectations in regards to construction we can complete and what the budget should be for the project. 

We handle all types of renovations and home build projects. Contact us today for more information.

Your Coquitlam Condo Renovation

The value of Silvercrest Custom Homes and Renovations as your renovation partner shows up in the project details. Which pieces of your condo renovation do we handle?

  • Consulting with your condo’s board
  • Research on what we are and aren’t allowed to change
  • Obtaining all permits required by your condo board
  • Design that uses knowledge about your building’s limitations
  • A project manager to update you on all progress and changes
  • Great treatment of your neighbors
  • Coordination of deliveries and construction times
  • Setting and sticking to a realistic budget
  • Final walk-through of your new condo

We don’t consider your project done until you say it’s perfect.

A Crafted Condo

At our core, we’re builders. To that end, our team includes the best craftsmen. In summary, if you end up trusting us with your space, your condo renovation will be done by specialists.

Refresh your condo with a team that lets you sit back and relax. You’re in good hands with Silvercrest Custom Homes and Renovations.

Want the most beautiful condo interior in your building? Trust your renovation to our condo renovations Coquitlam team at Silvercrest Custom Homes and Renovations. They’ll leave your condo refreshed and custom-built to your taste.

The key to a successful renovation project is in the details.

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Our Process

  1. A complete and thorough site inspection
  2. Extensive client consultation to craft your dream home
  3. Complete set of concept drawings with your review approval
  4. Final drawings and detailed to your exact specifications
  5.  Budgeting along the way, so you know your options and all the related costs. Need something changed, no worries, we will let you know exactly what, if any, additional expenditures are involved
  6. We handle all city hall permit requirements on your behalf, to ensure smooth sailing without administrative headaches
  7. Construction and inspections. You project manager over see the entire process  start to finish, dealing with all stages of the process and any questions you may need answered along the way
  8. Final walk-through to ensure your total satisfaction with the end result


Our team utilizes the latest cloud based technology for project management. Clients can easily check in to see current progress, pictures, change order requests, budget and much more.  We keep on track and on budget to ensure your project is completed to your satisfaction.



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