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Kitchen Renovations Coquitlam Area Residents Depend On

Silvercrest Custom Homes and Renovations is the top rated company for kitchen renovations Coquitlam home owners can agree on. Picture this: You need a glass casserole dish from your kitchen cabinet, but first, you must take out four other items stacked on top of it. While trying to make pasta, you can’t seem to get the water to boil anytime soon, leading you to grow increasingly more frustrated with your kitchen.

One of the most needed home improvement services is kitchen remodeling Coquitlam contractors. Unfortunately, you can’t always be sure that they have the skills required to complete your job, or the expertise to save you more on subcontractor solutions.

Instead, Silvercrest Custom Homes and Renovations remains the best choice in complete construction and remodeling services throughout the Coquitlam, British Columbia, community. More area homeowners know that we can assist them best with professional tools and equipment, experienced construction contractors, and more.

We keep you informed on each stage of our progress, and you stay at the helm for every decision that needs to get made. When you need better results and complete client control over renovations, contact us for the best team today.

Kitchen Renovations Coquitlam

Your remodel is as in-depth or straightforward as you wish to keep it, and our team can take on any designs, patterns, or budgets. Whether you’re planning on upgrading every one of your appliances, or it’s time for new flooring, we can assist you with it all.

Many homeowners rely on whatever they can find sold at their nearest hardware retailer, but these items often get manufactured cheaply. It also doesn’t help that once you’ve completed your project, your home now looks just like everyone else’s house.

Our team provides custom construction solutions to set you apart from your neighbors while keeping you within your budget. Contact us today and receive the best kitchen renovation in Coquitlam, including:

  • Professional Design Sketches
  • Subcontractor Screening & Hiring
  • Permit Pulling
  • Electrical Upgrades
  • Improved Lighting
  • New Appliances
  • Kitchen Floors
  • New Countertops
  • Plumbing Fixtures
  • Utility Updating
  • Project Management Services
  • Interior Design Options
  • And more professional remodeling solutions.

Why depend on a single contractor who only excels in one area, when we can have the best team of trade services assembled quickly? Keep your kitchen renovations simple with the best in total home construction contractors today.

Reasons to Renovate Kitchens

Over time, utility lines leak and appliances start wearing out. Eventually, one accidental spark could cause an unexpected fire, or it could combust without warning.

Even if your kitchen manages to remain safe, your fixtures start shorting out one by one. And every day that you walk across your floors, the closer they get to losing their uppermost finish, trapping behind more dirt and debris.

Whether your room’s décor hasn’t changed in decades or everything is falling apart, we can restore your kitchen with the best renovation designs and construction services. From improved cabinets and storage space to customized cooking areas and more, we can provide you with the perfect kitchen quickly.

If you’re tired of your old dysfunctional kitchen, choose Silvercrest Custom Homes and Renovations today.

The key to a successful renovation project is in the details.

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Our Process

  1. A complete and thorough site inspection
  2. Extensive client consultation to craft your dream home
  3. Complete set of concept drawings with your review approval
  4. Final drawings and detailed to your exact specifications
  5.  Budgeting along the way, so you know your options and all the related costs. Need something changed, no worries, we will let you know exactly what, if any, additional expenditures are involved
  6. We handle all city hall permit requirements on your behalf, to ensure smooth sailing without administrative headaches
  7. Construction and inspections. You project manager over see the entire process  start to finish, dealing with all stages of the process and any questions you may need answered along the way
  8. Final walk-through to ensure your total satisfaction with the end result


Our team utilizes the latest cloud based technology for project management. Clients can easily check in to see current progress, pictures, change order requests, budget and much more.  We keep on track and on budget to ensure your project is completed to your satisfaction.


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