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Looking to build a detached accessory dwelling unit aka Laneway House in Delta? This article will provide you with all the information you need to make an informed decision for your real estate property.

If your family is growing and you are looking for some extra space without having to move to a new location. Then building a Laneway house, Delta would suit you best. A Laneway house is a separate structure from your main house usually built in your backyard with a lane or alley access.

Laneway homes give you the option to expand your living space for various purposes. It’s a great way to make room for newcomers in a family or a guest house or even additional rental income.

You can generate a decent rental revenue without compromising your privacy by building a laneway house. It was initially meant to stop people from destroying heritage buildings to make room for newer, better, more well planned and more spacious houses.

Everyone needs to evolve with time and it is only natural for one to require more the same as their family grows. The only option people had was either to move to a new neighborhood which we all know is not easy for anyone or they can demolish their existing structure and construct an entire new home on their real estate which can cost a lot of money besides other side effects.

Hence keeping all these issues the city council decided to allow construction of a detached accessory unit dwelling and it proved to be a very wise and popular decision and gradually more and more people are taking advantage of this facility.

Yes, there are a lot of formalities and procedures involved in the construction of Laneway houses but it is worth it. If you are planning to get a laneway house it is best to consult a professional with experience in these kinds of projects to guide at every step of the way.

Procedure and Steps of Getting a Laneway House built on Your Real Estate Property

For your better understanding and help you make an informed decision we have narrated all the steps involved in the process of Laneway homes construction from the initial survey to construction.


First, you need to go to the city hall and check if your property is eligible for this kind of structure. Do remember to take note of all the regulations because regulation will have a great impact on your design.

 Some important things that you need to verify before you move on with your plans. A number of residents allowed to live in a new structure? Do you need to provide off-street parking? Does the design have to match your existing structure? What is the maximum area you can cover? Can you build a basement?

 Site Survey

Once you have made sure of all the regulations you should get a site survey. You should look for a qualified local surveyor to get the accurate measurement. Surveyors will help you determine where you need to locate the new unit so it meets all the city regulations.

City Services and Utilities

Next, you should take the survey report to the city services to find out the permits you need to get the services like sewer and water, electricity, etc. and how much they would cost. Share the survey report with them so they can warn you of any discrepancies.

Consulting the city services at this stage can save you a lot of time and money. They can give you an estimate of all the work that needs to be done which varies from site to site.


Then comes the design phase. You would need detailed plans to get all the necessary permissions. We recommend consulting an experienced design firm for this process. Someone who has experience in building coach house would be aware of all the regulations and they can give you awareness regarding the problems you can face this kind of project.


Once you are done with the design, you need to apply for permission. You need to take the detailed drawings to the city council for approval. Usually, you need a development permit first; once you get that then you need a building permit.

You would also need permits for other things like electrical, plumbing, sewer, etc. you might also need a permit for any damage to city infrastructure during the construction. These permits can take anywhere between three to six weeks so you need to plan accordingly.


After you have secured all the required permits then you can start building. Now you are aware of all the regulations and building codes so you can start construction according to that.

Once the construction is complete you can now utilize the new space as you wish. Coach house add value to your property and provide you income by rent. They also provide you extra living space and solve all your privacy issues.

 Do keep in mind that these structures are considered part of your main structures and can’t be sold although you can rent them out. 

Once the construction is complete you can now utilize the new space as you wish. We hope this article will be of great help if you are thinking of building a Coach house. Keep in mind that these structures are considered part of your main structures and can’t be sold separately although you can rent them out. These Laneway houses should have their own parking spaces.

The key to a successful renovation project is in the details.

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Our Process

  1. A complete and thorough site inspection
  2. Extensive client consultation to craft your dream home
  3. Complete set of concept drawings with your review approval
  4. Final drawings and detailed to your exact specifications
  5.  Budgeting along the way, so you know your options and all the related costs. Need something changed, no worries, we will let you know exactly what, if any, additional expenditures are involved
  6. We handle all city hall permit requirements on your behalf, to ensure smooth sailing without administrative headaches
  7. Construction and inspections. You project manager over see the entire process  start to finish, dealing with all stages of the process and any questions you may need answered along the way
  8. Final walk-through to ensure your total satisfaction with the end result


Our team utilizes the latest cloud based technology for project management. Clients can easily check in to see current progress, pictures, change order requests, budget and much more.  We keep on track and on budget to ensure your project is completed to your satisfaction.



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