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First thoughts about a major home renovation in Coquitlam

Planning a Major Home Renovation in Coquitlam

Do you love living in Coquitlam but your home doesn’t quite fit your family anymore? You’re in luck because it’s possible to change the things that you don’t like about your house to make it work better as your home. Here’s some advice on the design aspect of planning a major home renovation in Coquitlam, B.C.

Determine your needs

It’s a smart idea to carefully consider the issues with your home and how alterations to the structure might improve your enjoyment of your home as soon as you begin thinking about a renovation. Some important questions to think about include;

  • What isn’t working in your home
  • Is this your long-term home
  • Does staying in your house make sense
  • What would you like in a renovation
  • How will your family handle significant disruptions

Above all, ask yourself the hard question of whether staying in your home is worth the hassle. If your answer to this hard question is yes, then it’s time to move along in our home renovation in Coquitlam planning advice.

What’s your budget?

You’ll need to determine how much money you can afford to invest in a home renovation project right from the start. Carefully examine your financial resources to get a realistic estimate of a potential home makeover budget. Keep in mind that the experts say that you should have an additional fifteen to twenty percent of the total renovation budget set aside to cover cost over-runs.

Renovation design

Once you’ve examined your needs in a home renovation and how much you can afford to spend it’s time to focus on design. Hiring the right type of professional to design your project is the key to a home makeover that makes you delighted to come home every night. Depending on the extent of your project, you’ll most likely work with one of the following professionals on your home renovation.

  • Architect- an architect is a highly educated professional who can handle every aspect of your design. The Royal Architectural Institute of Canada provides helpful information on its website about how to choose an architect for your project.
  • Interior Designer- an interior designer is an expert in creating spaces that improve the flow and functionality of your home. Some professionals in this field specialize in kitchen and bath design.
  • Contractor- an experienced home renovation contractor often offers an in-house design service.

Lastly, embarking on a major home renovation in Coquitlam is a massive undertaking. Therefore, you should be confident that it will significantly increase your enjoyment of your home before you commit to it. Furthermore, you decide that you’re up to the challenge of a significant construction project, it’s essential to work with a design professional to help you meet your renovation goals.

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