5 Tips for major bathroom remodel

Are you planning a major bathroom remodel in Coquitlam? Renovating a bathroom is one of the best ways to add value to your home. Read on for tips to help you make the most of your remodel dollars.

Bathroom Remodel tips

#1: Major work means significant money

There’s no ignoring the fact that substantial bathroom upgrades cost money. Making smart design choices and working with an outstanding contractor are the keys to controlling costs.

#2: Consider how you’ll use the space

Although you can get lots of remodeling ideas from resources like (1) magazines,(2) websites and social media, (3) home improvement stores, (4) interior designer, and (5) a renovation contractor it’s crucial that you keep your focus on how you’ll use your bathroom space throughout the design process. For example, don’t invest in an expensive soaking tub if you always take showers.

#3: Splurge where it matters

Don’t let the desire to save money stop you from loving your new bathroom. Splurging on the bathroom features that matter to you and opting for less expensive options for other parts of your bathroom is a terrific way to give a luxurious feeling to your bathroom while also staying on budget. So, go ahead and put in that steam shower you fantasize about relaxing in after a long day at work.

#4: Remember to put safety first

Have you heard that the bathroom is one of the most dangerous rooms in a house? Thousands of Canadians are injured each year from falls and slips in the bathtub and shower. Read this Houzz article on matching your sense of style with appropriate safety features in your bathroom remodel in Coquitlam.

#5: Don’t forget the little things

It’s easy to get so consumed in making decisions about the big things in your bathroom that you forget about the little things like (1) toilet paper holder, (2) shower caddy, (3) cabinet knobs and pulls, and (4) towel racks. The often ignored parts of bathroom design can make the difference between a lovely bathroom and a beautiful and comfortable bathroom. Even better, since the small items are less pricey, you can afford to choose top-quality products without denting your budget.

Lastly, a major bathroom remodel in Coquitlam is an excellent way to make you fall even more in love with your home. Make smart design choices that focus on the things will give you pleasure in your bathroom retreat. By splurging on the features that will make your new bathroom a delight, you can create the bathroom of your dreams and keep your budget in line.

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