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Maximize Curb Appeal in Vancouver



How to Maximize Curb Appeal

Dull and boring Curb Appeal in Vancouver can send the wrong message about your house to buyers, visitors and passersby. The side of your home’s exterior facing the curb generally gives outsiders a snapshot of what’s in-store inside the house. There are several easy, cost-effective DIY projects that can give your house an elegant face-lift. The following are 10 no-brainer ways to ramp up the curb appeal and face value of your custom home in Vancouver:

  1. Wash the Exterior

You can either pressure wash or soft wash the exterior of your home, including the concrete floors, driveways and walls, to remove unsightly stains from mold, mildew and other contaminants. This can make the siding and floors look as good as new, providing an excellent alternative to repainting or replacing these parts. Cleaning your roof can also make it look as good as new. But though you can pressure wash on your own, it’s advisable to hire a professional to avoid causing any damage to your property and maximize Curb Appeal in Vancouver.

2. Rollout a New Landscaping Plan

A good landscaping plan needs to take into account factors such as the architecture, pattern of light, and typography of your home, as well as your personal preferences. Involving a landscape designer can make a huge difference in the landscaping plan boosting your Curb Appeal in Vancouver.

3. Tuck Away Unsightly Items

Hiding eyesores such as bins, air conditioning, electric wiring, etc. can go a long way in elevating the perceived sanitary standards of your home and Curb Appeal in Vancouver. In addition, you can easily hide these items by camouflaging them with paint or fencing ideas. You can hide your recycle bins in a storage shed. 

4. Ramp up your Landscaping Lighting

Landscape lighting can significantly increase the charm of your walkways and landscape, especially in the evenings. Use color-coordinated lighting that blends well with the exterior. You can also try solar lighting and string lights for more cost-effective alternatives.

5. Touch up or Replace your Porch

Besides being one of the most visible parts of your exterior, your porch also receives a lot of foot traffic. As such, it requires more regular care and refurbishing. If you’re considering a full replacement, it’s crucial that you hire a licensed contractor to undertake the project.

6. Set up Vinyl Sidings

Vinyl siding on your home’s exterior can elevate the air of safety and low maintenance around your home. Vinyl sidings come with a clean, elegant look, and can be customized according to your home’s architecture and your personal preferences.

7. Set up a Fence, Gate, or Trellis

A low fence can help demarcate your home from the street in an elegant fashion, without blocking out the view from the curb. You can increase the vibe around your front door and entrance by lining them with pergola and trellises.

8. Improve your Home’s Front Path

Your home’s front path portrays the overall design pattern and style choices used in your home in Vancouver. You need to upgrade your front path to make it blend perfectly with your home’s architecture, landscape and colors. To ensure that you make the right decisions on this, it’s important to involve a landscape designer.

9. Repaint the Front Door and Porch Ceiling and Shutters

Painting these three parts of your exterior can bring about effects akin to repainting the entire curb-facing exterior. This usually gives you a good bang for the buck and a cost effective way of getting the WOW Curb Appeal in Vancouver

10. Upgrade your Garage Door

garage door that’s visible from the curbs is a significant factor of the home’s curb appeal. When giving your garage a makeover, you need to ensure that it’s modern, perfectly fitted, and decorated with bright colors that blend seamlessly with the house color.

Ready to Give your Home that Facelift it Deserves?

Silvercrest Custom Homes and Renovations can help you roll out any of the options outlined above to help give your home a huge facelift without breaking your bank. With these options, you  may not need to replace any part of the exterior to maximize your home’s curb appeal. Contact us at Silvercrest Custom Homes and Renovations.

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