Maximize Curb Appeal in Vancouver

How to Maximize Curb Appeal Dull and boring Curb Appeal in Vancouver can send the wrong message about your house to buyers, visitors and passersby. The side of your home’s exterior facing the curb generally gives outsiders a snapshot of what’s in-store inside the house. There are several easy, cost-effective DIY projects that can give … Read more

Window and Door Design Trends

window and door trends vancouver

Windows and doors are ubiquitous, and serve as a means to showcase your personality and preferences to passersby, neighbors, friends and even family. They serve both inside and outside the home, providing a line of defence against intruders and unfavourable weather elements. More importantly they also enhancing your interior decor. As such, your choice of … Read more

Building Connection with Custom Home Builder

custom home builder kitchen

Building Connections with Custom Home Builders Any custom home builder is only as good as the vendors and trade suppliers that they utilize on their job sites. We believe in building connections with custom home builders, vendors, and suppliers. Even one small mistake can taint the whole experience of building a custom home. In the homes we … Read more

SCH announces New Website

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Silvercrest Custom Homes Announces New Website Vancouver, BC – Silvercrest Custom Homes and Renovations Vancouver, is a full-service construction company and top home builder in Vancouver, with over 15 years of experience providing construction and craftsmanship services in Vancouver, BC. Through all their years of experience, their company has built a great reputation in the area … Read more

Intro to Custom Homes in Vancouver

Custom Home Builder Vancouver

Do you fantasize about living in a home that was specifically designed to meet the needs of your family? Giving up a cookie cutter house lifestyle is not out of your reach. Keep reading for an introduction to custom homes in Vancouver, B.C. What is a custom home? A custom home meets your desires in … Read more