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When homebuyers look at a possible house, they focus on a couple of things. One is the kitchen. Therefore, when you are considering your kitchen renovation, you almost have to think about what you want along with a potential buyer. This is true even if you don’t ever plan to sell your house. You never know what the future brings.

While you want to incorporate some of the up and coming trends in your remodel, sticking with timeless decorations is the best. Just as the word timeless suggests, you want your new kitchen to stand the test of time. What was popular in the 1990s is sure not popular in today’s world.

There are some kitchen renovation topics to consider when planning your project. These may be some aspects you haven’t measured as of yet. For example, did you know that some people recommend that you purchase your appliances last?

Storage is a big deal in the kitchen. Everyone wants more counter space and cabinets. Plan accordingly – what do you currently own in your kitchen? Are there smaller appliances that need a home? Do you want the pantry to be in the kitchen or outside of it? Speaking of storage, there is a whole bunch of options. There are lazy Susans that placed in a cabinet or a spice rack built into a sliding door. How convenient! Along with custom cabinets, you must not forget the spaces that are not used. Maximize your stowing capacity. Put items above the cabinets or create a space below the stove to place unused items. There should be space for everything.

What is the workflow of your kitchen? This simply means when you are cooking, items and appliances are placed conveniently for your use. If you have a pot of water boiling on the stove and you need something from the refrigerator, do you have to walk far to get what you need for your recipe? The best case scenario is that you turn around and the fridge will be right there. Where are people going to gather? Will you have a breakfast bar area with stools? So many things to deliberate on when you are planning your kitchen renovation. Some people love the idea of a patio or deck off the kitchen to add space for entertaining. Lots of options to consider. 

Let’s say you are halfway through your remodel of your kitchen. You haven’t even purchased the appliances yet, and you have met your budget. It is easy to be carried away financially when remodeling your home. It doesn’t matter which space it is. Be sure that you stick to your financial plan. Keep all of your receipts and log them in a notebook to stay on track. Don’t let the ‘something shiny’ mentality get the best of you. You will be in the hole faster than you can say remodel.

Renovating your kitchen is an important task. Envision your final product. Is it exactly what you have been dreaming about? Plan with the end in mind in order to make your dreams come true. Before you know it, you will be hosting a dinner party with food made from your brand new kitchen space.

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