Business and Local Economy, Maple Ridge

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Maple Ridge economy is booming. There are three major moneymakers in the area – industrial businesses, filming and tourism. These industries provide the livelihood for most of the citizens of the Ridge.

When you think of industrial trades, you think of factories and businesses in a city. However, the predominant means of commerce in the Canadian province has to do with agriculture. Rich land promotes bountiful crops to sell for a profit. Some of the amazing harvests consist of blueberries, cranberries, and vegetable and herbs. Some of the communities have acres of land dedicated to producing new crops. Local Christmas tree farms produce trees for North America to enjoy during the holiday season. The climate is just right to produce Noble, Fraser, Douglas and Grand Firs. Agriculture is a way of life in the Maple Ridge neighborhoods.

Other establishments that is under the industrial umbrella are construction, education, and food and beverage professions.

Construction is booming. There are always innovative buildings and homes being built in the Maple Ridge area. One thousand construction businesses are in operation in the province alone. They are turning a profit left and right while completing quality work. Responsible for not only the construction of homes but roads and highways as well. Opening a construction firm would be a smart idea in the Ridge.

Education in the area is top-notch. School District 42 provides new and fresh ways to educate their students. Alternative ways to completing your education and extracurricular programs are available for all Maple Ridge learners. Graduates are shining in the career world. They are definitely prepared for college or their occupation.

Food and beverage industry continues to grow and be profitable. Due to tourism, the popularity and profitability of these businesses are through the roof. Not to mention, with the agricultural businesses in the area, it makes the farm to table idea super feasible. It is the trendiest food concept out there and Maple Ridge makes it easy. Another chic craze of the moment is the food truck. You can travel around and find your favorite truck with your preferred cuisine. Sometimes you can check the food truck’s website and locate where they will be so you can calm your craving. How exciting for the citizens as well as the small business owners!

Filming in Maple Ridge? Oh yes! On the official Maple Ridge website is a whole section dedicated to filming movies, t.v. shows, commercials and mini-series. There are specific forms that need to be completed and various fees to be paid depending on what the producer wishes to have. So many well-known pieces have been shot in Maple Ridge. Some of them are X-Files and the Jumanji movie from 1995. How thrilling would it be to run into your favorite movie star? It could happen in Maple Ridge.

Tourism is another major piece of the Maple Ridge economy. Many people visit the area each year to enjoy the weather and outside activities. Restaurants and pubs draw the tourists in – especially the foodies! In addition, agri-tourism is alive and well in the Ridge communities. This allows the public to enjoy activities that deal with agriculture. Visit a farm or cheesemaker the next time you are in Maple Ridge.

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