Net Zero Homes | The Ultimate in Comfort and Efficiency

Silvercrest Custom Homes Completes Net Zero Building Science Training Silvercrest Custom Homes, a prominent leader in the custom home building industry, has recently completed the Net Zero Building Science Training, marking a significant milestone in their commitment to sustainable and environmentally responsible construction practices. This achievement underscores their dedication to not only meeting but surpassing … Read more

City of Burnaby Accepting Applications for Laneway Houses Beginning September 18, 2023

Starting September 18, 2023 Burnaby City is welcoming applications for laneway homes and secondary suites in semi-detached houses. These new housing options will broaden choices for homeowners and renters without altering the city’s neighborhood character. Both laneway homes and semi-detached suites cannot be sold separately from the main residence and are expected to be utilized … Read more

Building with Strength and Style: Advantages and Considerations of Using a Steel Skeleton Structure in Residential House Builds in Vancouver, BC

Steel Structures in Residential House Builds

Silvercrest Custom Homes, a reputable home builder in Vancouver, BC, has extensive experience in constructing high-quality custom homes. By incorporating their expertise and services, you can further enhance the benefits of using a steel skeleton structure. Here’s how Silvercrest Custom Homes can contribute to the advantages mentioned earlier: Strength and Durability:  Silvercrest Custom Homes can … Read more

6 Home Builders Tips for a Successful Project: From Planning to Completion

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I. Introduction Building a new home is an exciting endeavor that allows you to create a living space tailored to your specific needs and preferences. However, it’s a complex process that requires careful planning, effective communication, and attention to detail. In this article, we will provide you with valuable tips to ensure a successful home … Read more

What Are Current Trends Home Builders Are Experiencing: Innovative Designs and Features for Modern Homes

I. Introduction The world of home building is constantly evolving, with new trends emerging to meet the changing needs and preferences of homeowners. In today’s modern era, innovative designs and features play a crucial role in creating homes that are not only functional but also aesthetically pleasing and sustainable. In this article, we will explore … Read more

Understanding the Distinctions: Rectified Tiles vs. Non-Rectified Tiles

Introduction: When it comes to choosing tiles for your home or commercial space, there are various options available in the market. Two popular choices are rectified tiles and non-rectified tiles. Understanding the differences between these two types can help you make an informed decision that aligns with your design preferences and practical requirements. In this … Read more

What is the City of Burnaby allowing for minimum parking spots and maximum size of laneway house?

Laneway House

The city of Burnaby is seeking feedback from residents regarding new laneway housing rules that are being considered. According to Burnaby Now, the proposed rules include a requirement for one parking spot, and a maximum size of 1500 square feet for laneway houses. Additionally, laneway house maximum height in Burnaby would be limited to two … Read more

2023 Design Trends: Top Colors Used in Vancouver Laneway House

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Laneway houses are becoming increasingly popular in Vancouver, BC, providing a way for homeowners to add extra living space to their property without sacrificing their backyard or garden. When designing a laneway house, one important aspect to consider is the color scheme. The right color scheme can add personality, style, and value to a laneway … Read more

The Most Popular Design Trends for Laneway Houses in Vancouver, BC

Laneway House

The Most Popular Design Trends for Laneway Houses in Vancouver, BC Laneway houses have become a popular housing option in Vancouver, BC, providing homeowners with additional living space or rental income opportunities. Due to their small size and limited footprint, laneway houses require careful planning and design to maximize space and functionality. Here are some … Read more