What is the City of Burnaby allowing for minimum parking spots and maximum size of laneway house?

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The city of Burnaby is seeking feedback from residents regarding new laneway housing rules that are being considered. According to Burnaby Now, the proposed rules include a requirement for one parking spot, and a maximum size of 1500 square feet for laneway houses. Additionally, laneway house maximum height in Burnaby would be limited to two … Read more

2023 Design Trends: Top Colors Used in Vancouver Laneway House

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Laneway houses are becoming increasingly popular in Vancouver, BC, providing a way for homeowners to add extra living space to their property without sacrificing their backyard or garden. When designing a laneway house, one important aspect to consider is the color scheme. The right color scheme can add personality, style, and value to a laneway … Read more

The Most Popular Design Trends for Laneway Houses in Vancouver, BC

Laneway House

The Most Popular Design Trends for Laneway Houses in Vancouver, BC Laneway houses have become a popular housing option in Vancouver, BC, providing homeowners with additional living space or rental income opportunities. Due to their small size and limited footprint, laneway houses require careful planning and design to maximize space and functionality. Here are some … Read more

Everything You Need To Know About Laneway House Burnaby

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 Introduction to Laneway Houses in Burnaby Laneway house Burnaby have become a hot topic, as more and more Burnaby residents discover the potential they offer. Laneway houses provide an innovative way to make use of difficult, narrow or otherwise unusable pieces of land, as well as an attractive, cost-effective housing option. By harnessing the potential … Read more