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Trust Your Home Renovations in West Vancouver to Silvercrest Homes

Our Silvercrest Custom Homes team is the trusted choice for custom homes and home renovations in West Vancouver. If your home needs a refresh or if you need to change how a particular space works for you, a renovation can help.Therefore, No matter why you’re renovating your home, our team of experienced craftsman can modify and customize your area to meet your needs.

Home Renovations West Vancouver Team

Our team at Silvercrest Custom Homes and Renovations includes designers, project managers, contractors, and craftsmen. We believe in having experts handle what they do best at every step of the process. For instance, that means that you’ll sit down with professional designers in the first stage of your renovation to sketch out your changes and to plan your budget. In addition, once it’s time for the building piece, your project manager will keep you in the loop through every step of the way.  

 Your Home Renovations West Vancouver Plan

Home renovations vary in scale from a quick bathroom update to a complete floor plan shift. We know that renovations are inconvenient, and our goal is to minimize the disruption to your life and to make the interruption last for as little time as possible. For that reason, we’ll set realistic timelines for your project. Your budget is one of our primary focuses as well. We’ll discuss all costs with you before beginning the project and wait for your approval. Once the work is under way, we will communicate any necessary changes or requests to you quickly. Our customer project portal allows you access to track the budget and to follow the work progress.

Home Renovation Benefits  

Perhaps you have the perfect commute to Vancouver or have already moved into your ideal home for retirement but wish that a couple of rooms were different. Home renovations for your West Vancouver house can bridge the gap between your good home and your fabulous home. Other benefits to home renovations include:

  • Increased resale value of your house
  • Improved rentability for the property
  • Complement necessary appliance upgrades  
  • Home personalization  

What to Look for in a Team

A home renovation team must have excellent communication, experienced craftsmen, and efficient tools. For example, If you’re completing a kitchen renovation, you need to know how long you’ll be without a working kitchen. Your ability to plan around the construction team depends on how well the project manager communicates the project’s timeline with you. Questions to ask of potential renovation teams include: how are project changes communicated? How are budget decisions discussed? Where did your team learn their skills?

Silvercrest’s Home Renovation Work

Our home renovations West Vancouver team includes artisans with over 15 years of experience. In addition, we also utilize a vast network of sub-contractors so that no matter what comes up during a project, we have expert hands to complete it. Above all, our project managers, paired with our customer project portal, make it possible for customers to know how their project is progressing at all times.

You can trust your home’s renovation to us, no matter the size, your project will be safe in the hands of Silvercrest Custom Homes and Renovations. Talk to our project planners about your home today.

The key to a successful renovation project is in the details.

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Our Process

  1. A complete and thorough site inspection
  2. Extensive client consultation to craft your dream home
  3. Complete set of concept drawings with your review approval
  4. Final drawings and detailed to your exact specifications
  5.  Budgeting along the way, so you know your options and all the related costs. Need something changed, no worries, we will let you know exactly what, if any, additional expenditures are involved
  6. We handle all city hall permit requirements on your behalf, to ensure smooth sailing without administrative headaches
  7. Construction and inspections. You project manager over see the entire process  start to finish, dealing with all stages of the process and any questions you may need answered along the way
  8. Final walk-through to ensure your total satisfaction with the end result


Our team utilizes the latest cloud based technology for project management. Clients can easily check in to see current progress, pictures, change order requests, budget and much more.  We keep on track and on budget to ensure your project is completed to your satisfaction.



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