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Windows and doors are ubiquitous, and serve as a means to showcase your personality and preferences to passersby, neighbors, friends and even family. They serve both inside and outside the home, providing a line of defence against intruders and unfavourable weather elements. More importantly they also enhancing your interior decor. As such, your choice of windows and doors for your next custom home must strike a balance between functionality and aesthetics.

We’ve investigated up and coming trendsdisplayed in home and garden shows, home magazines and even social media posts. In this article we identified 7 Window and Door Designs for Custom Homes in Vancouver that are buckling into this year.

Indoors and Outdoors in One Space

Brining the outdoors and indoors together is a version of the bigger-is-better trend. Blending of spaces has caught on in Vancouver home designs in recent years and will continue to dominate in Vancouver homes for years to come. Over the years, we’ve seen trends that continue to push the boundaries with full-size windows and doors, and grid less windows. Moreover, this trend sees the indoors and outdoors merged into one space, separated only by transparent glass fitted with expansive doors and windows. With glass standing from wall to wall, and floor to ceiling, this provides a clean view of both interior and exterior spaces from either side of the doors and windows.

Steel Doors and Windows

Boasting a sturdy, glossy appearance, steel doors and windows come with a distinctive air of safety and modernity. They’re highly durable, and are also resistant to fire and weather elements. Steel doors can be finished with various colours and stains, providing homeowners with a wide variety of choices.

Modern Steel Blend

The modern steel blendis a successor of the classic steel window. It entails the narrow-profile window made with high-performance glass, an aluminium framing, and a glossy black finish. You can also apply textured coating to the aluminium frame to give it a trendy terra cotta look. Colors like blush, sapphire, navy blue, creams and grays are all excellent choices for a trendy terra-cotta look on the frames.

Wood and Metal Match

A wood and metal match trend allows you to play around with metal and wooden parts. It might come in as a part of a bigger interior design plan with the same combination of wood and metal. Wooden doors can be fitted with bold metallic handles, locks, and latches. You can try out different colors on the wooden and metal parts, including dark gray, jewelled hues.

Cosy Curves

In this window and door design trendssharp angles are tempered with curves and arches. Narrow-framed windows may come with a combination of both sharp angles and curves. The curves may be custom-made, full-circles, or plain arches.

Smart Locks

Smart devices are all the rage these days, and many Vancouver residents are looking to tap into the comfort and convenience they bring, including through smart doors and windows. Smart door and window locks allow you to have maximum control over your door locks through mobile apps on your smartphone. In addition, there’s also the ring video doorbell that feeds your smartphone with live video streams of whose at your door.

Opening Up to any of these Window and Door Design Trends?

If windows and doors are currently a priority, you might want to look keenly into any of these design trends. They can help you showcase your personality and preferences, while also allowing for control over your safety and weather elements. Still unsure about the next step to take for your window and door makeover? Reach out to Silvercrest Custom Homes and Renovations and contact us today to work out an action plan.


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