Home Designing for Your Pets

Pets and Hardwood Floors



As a pet owner, you know that pets bring incredible value to the life of your family and it’s up to you to give your furry friends the best possible experience. Fortunately, there are lots of terrific ways that you can make your home pet-friendly. Here is the number one Vancouver home designing tip that will make your best friend feel right at home.

Pet Friendly Flooring

Let’s face it; even the most well-trained pet is going to have some fairly gag inspiring accidents. The best flooring choices are those that make cleaning up the ickiest messes quick and easy. Interior design experts suggest that you stick with easy to clean and super sturdy hard flooring choices like (1) concrete, (2) tile, and (3) laminates.

Pets and Hardwood Floors

Why not hardwood?

If you watch any of the house and design television shows you know that installing hardwood flooring throughout a house is all the rage. However, although hardwood flooring is undoubtedly beautiful, you might want to think twice before introducing them into a household that includes pets. Hardwood floors are prone to (1) stains, (2) scratches, and (3) dents from the normal wear and tear brought about by animal companions.

One of the primary reasons that hardwood floors and pets don’t always mix well is the fact that wood doesn’t hold up well when it gets wet. Wet paws, not to mention urine accidents, can cause costly damage to beautiful hardwood floors. Indeed, many unsuspecting homeowners discover, too late, that a beloved companion has taken to peeing on the floor, resulting in a dark stain that is challenging to remove.

Hardwood floor Benefits

Of course, if your home doesn’t feel like home without wood floors, you can include them in your home design if you pick your wood wisely. Vancouver home designing pros recommend that you look for hardwood that contains

  • Durability– Excellent options include (1) Brazilian cherry, (2) Hickory, and (3) rosewood.
  • Dark stain– Hide scratches and dents with a darker wood stain.
  • Rustic wide planks– Conceal imperfections and reduce moisture issues by choosing a rustic, full planked style of flooring.

Lastly, savvy Vancouver home designing experts recommend durable hard flooring for clients with pets. Although hard flooring choices like laminates stand up well to pet wear and tear, it’s possible to find a high performing hardwood that will make both you and your pet happy.

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