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The staircase is one of the areas of the custom house that receives the most traffic. It serves to connect different floors together not only in terms of movement, but also aesthetics. As such, it should be designed to fit in with the interior decor of all connected floors.


The staircase is sizable enough to require more attention to details. Here, you can also let your imaginations and personal style shine through. From its steadfast banisters to its rising threads and solid spindles, there are many parts of the staircase that you can use to infuse your custom home with more decor twists.


In this features, we look at 15 magnificent staircase ideas that can up the ante of your custom home’s interior decor in Vancouver.



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Snake treads

With sharp metallic threads each joined on alternating sides, this custom home staircase design is a single continuous strip of metal slithering diagonally through vertical space.

Cubism rise

In this design, every part of the stairs bears an allusion to cubism. It features wooden cuboid threads overlapping each other through on a black framework, with notches here and there to serve as wooden storage units.

Non-committal flow

The non-committal flow creates an impression of a floating staircase for your custom home, with the absence of the first riser. As such, the only part of the stairs that actually comes in contact with the lower floor is its shadow.

Canny curves

Another option for your custom home with amazing optics, entails a fleet of wooden treads forming arcs and sliding sleekly between the upper and lower floors.

Wood and concrete waltz

The blend of wood and concrete can make for an enchanting flair through your custom home stairway. You can further spruce up the aesthetics with some greenery.

Egg-Shaped staircase

This design delivers a stunning view from all angle. The fleet of threads are nestled in an egg-shaped encasement that’s open at both ends.

Spine-inspired design

With the risers designed to overlap each other in a backbone arrangement, the spine inspired design for your custom home comes with an impression of reliability and doggedness emanating naturally from it.

Single-Colored Stairs

You can extend the display of your favorite colors from the interior walls and decor to your staircase. You can coat the entirety of the staircase in your favorite color. You can even let the coating overflow on the floor around the mouth of the stairs.

Multi-colored stairs

A multicolored variation of the colored stairs, this concept is self-explanatory. We’ve seen this design in its fuller glory, like one that’s bathed in a watercolor rainbow.

Modern gloss

Modern gloss champions the futuristic look for a custom home. It sports a glossy white finish all through the way that bounces off light, making for a mild glow that embellishes the stairs.


You can mount the stairs next to a body of water — a fountain, an ornamental pool, etc. Here the sound of the trickling water makes for a highly enlivening effect.

Multi-functional space

Your staircase can serve up a multifunctional space featuring anything from small storage units to benches, desks or even a reading table.


With each of these designs, you can make your custom home stairs stand out. These deigns integrate a combination of various factors, including size, shape, material and placement to create a wow factor that never ceases to amaze. There’s even more design intrigues Silvercrest Custom Homes and Renovations can help you explore in Vancouver contact us!

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