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Think like a chef when organizing your Vancouver kitchen



How to Organize Your Vancouver Kitchen

Do you struggle with a disorganized kitchen? Are you forced to stop in the middle of preparing the most fantastic dessert to ever come out of your kitchen because you can’t locate your bag of gourmet chocolate chips? If so, take note as we give you some power tips on how to organize your Vancouver kitchen.

Remember the real purpose of a kitchen

When you begin to organize your kitchen, it’s important to remember that the practical use of your kitchen is preparing meals. Keeping the focus of your organizing efforts on making it easier to cook dinner for your family will result in a kitchen that beckons you to spend time in it.

With thoughts of delicious future meals in mind, put on your chef’s hat and imagine that your kitchen resides in a Michelin rated restaurant. Tasting Table gives the following tips for creating a Vancouver kitchen that would make a chef smile.

  • Set up stations (ex. Pantry, food prep)
  • Keep everything non-cooking related out of your cooking area
  • Place things near where they are needed
  • Find a permanent spot for every cooking tool
  • Organize pantry with stackable, labeled plastic bins
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Safeguard your unforgettable recipes

Do you remember that key lime pie that makes you giggle just thinking about eating? Make sure that your key lime pie recipe, along with all of the rest of your beloved recipes, is easy to find in your newly organized kitchen.

Some cooks swear that there is nothing better than a bookshelf filled with recipe books to inspire you to create a meal. Others appreciate the benefits of using an old fashioned recipe box. If you’d prefer to go digital, here are a few apps to explore

Keep track of what you need

Be honest; how often do you buy groceries that you don’t need and forget to get the stuff that you’ll need to make lunches for the week? We’ve all been there, and the key to keeping your grocery bill under control is planning and organization.

Schedule some time during the week to plan your menu for the upcoming week. This effort will save you time and money as it lets you know which ingredients you’ll need to purchase at the food market.

Place a chalkboard in your kitchen and write down everything that needs resupplying as soon as you notice the need. The chalkboard is also a handy spot to leave notes for your busy family. There isn’t a more fun organizational tool than the chalkboard throwback to your school days.

Lastly, make organizing your Vancouver kitchen straightforward and fun by thinking like a chef. As any experienced chef knows, the basics behind a terrific kitchen are organization and planning. Keep the primary purpose of your kitchen in mind to design a kitchen that complements your lifestyle.

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