5 Things To Consider for Master Bathroom Renovation

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Master Bedroom Renovation Tips

Can you imagine anything more soothing than relaxing in your spa-like master bathroom at the end of a challenging day? A thoughtfully designed master bathroom is a relaxing retreat that adds significant value to your home. Keep reading for five things to keep in mind when you’re planning a master bathroom renovation in Vancouver, BC.

#1: A master bathroom renovation adds value to your home

There’s no denying that homebuyers covet luxurious master bathroom retreats and they’ll pay more for things like a great soaker tub and waterfall shower head. According to a recent survey of home sales across Canada, a bathroom renovation adds 2.5% to 12.5% to the sales price.

#2: Consider your neighborhood when designing your bathroom retreat

Real estate agents recommend that you keep the luxury level of a master bathroom renovation in Vancouver, BC in line with that of similar rooms in your community. Keep in mind that home values depend in no small extent on the recent sales price of similar homes in the same area. If the master bathrooms in your community don’t include many high-end features, you’d be wise to tone down your wish for ultra-luxury elements since you probably won’t benefit price-wise when you sell your home.

#3: How much can you comfortably budget

Before you commit to a renovation project, it’s vital that you examine your household budget to make sure that you can afford it. Remember that renovation projects sometimes go over budget and you’ll need reserve funds to cover surprises.

#4: Choose a contractor with a stellar reputation

Do your homework and choose a contractor with experience in renovating bathrooms in your area. Check out online sources like Yelp and the Better Business Bureau for reviews. Ask (1) friends and family, (2) neighbors, and (3) a trusted real estate agent for recommendations

#5: Gather design ideas from online resources

Gathering together a selection of renovation ideas that appeal to you will help your contractor to create a bathroom that makes you smile. Excellent places to start exploring are (1) Pinterest, (2) Houzz, and (3) HGTV.

Lastly, undertaking a master bathroom renovation in Vancouver, BC is a fantastic way to update your living experience in your home while also increasing the overall value of your house. With careful planning, you’ll be relaxing in a delightful master retreat in no time.

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