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How to determine if a swimming pool is a good idea for water fun in your Vancouver Custom Home


Just like with many choices we face in life, it’s different strokes for different folks when it comes to home pools. In Vancouver, there are some neighbourhoods where a home swimming pool is a selling point, and there are others where covering it up can actually raise the home’s value. While some home owners value pools as a necessity, others deem it an encumbrance for the most part of the year besides summer.

In this feature, we provide a rundown of the pros and cons of home swimming pools to help you determine whether it’s a safe bet for you. But to shed more light on our arguments, here’s first of all a run down of the major types of swimming pools you should know:


Types of Swimming Pools


Gunite pools: These are the most popular type of home swimming pools. They can be craved and shaped according to any desired shape. They’re made by spraying a mix of concrete and size into a hole carved out for the pool. They’re not permanent structures, but can stand for years.


Vinyl Pools: This type is also popular in Vancouver. It’s quite similar to gunite pools, but is less expensive because it’s lined with vinyl — though you need to replace the lining about once every decade.


Above-ground pools: The least expensive option, this type of pool is easy to install and remove. Homeowners can easily assemble one on their own.

The Pros and Cons of Swimming Pools

Now, here are the pros and cons of each of these types of home swimming pools:



Private social amenity: One of the best places to host parties at a custom built home is near a swimming pool (especially in-ground pools). Pools can also be a great place to gathering with family and friends to battle the disenchanting heat of summer days.


Physical and mental health: Both in-ground and above-ground pools are a great place to shake up your muscles to get in shape for the day.


Enhancing aesthetics: With the right planning and design, an in-ground swimming pool can form a focal point of your home’s exterior. Above ground swimming pools that are well designed also enhance the home’s charm.



Maintenance cost: After shelling out 5 -6 figures to install a swimming pool, you don’t get done with the expenses of owning a swimming pool; you may have to spend hundreds of dollars per month to keep it in good condition.


Safety concerns: To many homeowners with kids, a swimming pool is a no-no. A Pool accident can be fatal. Some jurisdictions in Vancouver require homeowners to provide pools with a fence and lockable entrance.


Insurance costs: Since pools are inherently dangerous, they must be a subject of home insurance.


Taking up space: A home swimming pool is usually not ideal for homes with a small yard space.


Is a Swimming Pool a Safe Bet for You?


For many homeowners in Vancouver, the pros of owning a home swimming pool outweighs the cons. But one way to curb the disadvantages of swimming pools is by allowing trusted seasoned hands to handle the planning and construction. Silvercrest Custom Homes and Renovations can offer you the appropriate expert opinion you need to make the right choices about swimming pools for your custom home in Vancouver.

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