Laneway House Guide

laneway house plan guide

If your thinking about building a laneway house in the City of Vancouver this laneway house guide will help you understand: What you need to know when looking to build a laneway house for your home in Vancouver An overview of the technical terms you need to know while building a laneway house Rules and regulations that … Read more

New Laneway Project

Laneway Plan

Are you thinking of building a laneway house? We have a project starting in the Arbutus Ridge area of Vancouver. This laneway in 900 sq ft in size and 1.5 levels. Feel free to contact us for a site tour as we get underway. #lanewayhouse#liveinthelane#lanewayliving

Downsizing your Home for Retirement

laneway house for retirement

The advantages of downsizing to a laneway house as a retiree You can do a whole lot with the money you save from downsizing your home during retirement. The very idea of finding a new home presents another adventure to keep you active as you adapt to your new lifestyle as a retiree. A laneway house provides these benefits … Read more