Custom Home Builder Kitchen

Building Connections with Custom Home Builders in Vancouver



Building Connections with Custom Home Builders

Any custom home builder is only as good as the vendors and trade suppliers that they utilize on their job sites. We believe in building connections with custom home builders, vendors, and suppliers. Even one small mistake can taint the whole experience of building a custom home. In the homes we build, we have clients that have very high expectations and we need suppliers that can deliver. We have a schedule to meet with our suppliers and vendors ahead of time so we know we can deliver the product on time. We do not work with the average supplier. We’re looking for quality, price, professionalism, punctuality, responsiveness, accuracy and follow up. Those are all critical components. We want the first interaction with Silvercrest Custom Homes and Renovations to be a very warm, healthy customer service experience.

Custom Home Builder Kitchen

A Recent Testimonial

“One of the things I really like about Silvercrest Custom Homes and Renovations is that they’re able to adapt to my needs. It really signaled to us that they cared about us. They took the time to understand what we were trying to build. It was clearly different compared to what I experienced before. My sales rep, Lui that I deal with, he really gets my business and the things that I need. Lui is on my side. He will call me and test me and meet me when I need him. A lot of times we need specialty items and they’ve been willing to track those down for us and find them. They’re very professional, very courteous to me, my team, and to my customers. They’re salesmen are knowledgeable. I’ve got tons of people as a resource available to me when I’ve got questions. A lot of the Silvercrest staff that I work with have been here as long if not longer than I have. I really feel like they really care about me and my company. They bring in a personal touch. Not just here’s your ticket, hit the road.

It’s a wonderful relationship that we have built and forged over the years What they tell you is what they’re going do and that’s very important in this business.”

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