Blending Old & New in Home Renovation

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The best home renovations seamlessly blend old and new elements to create an environment that remembers the past while celebrating the present. However, as with many things in life, achieving a smile-inducing blend is much easier said than accomplished. Keep reading for five essential rules to successfully blend the old and the new in your home renovation.

Before we get started with our design tips, it’s good to remember that one of the best things about mixing eras in your design is that it’s never dull. Always remember that you’re designing the spaces where you’ll share your life with your friends and family, and you should focus on combining the old and new in your home renovation in the ways that give you joy.

#1: Save those old hardwood floors

If you’ve watched one of the home renovations shows on cable television, you know that hardwood floors reign supreme when it comes to flooring. It’s often cheaper to refinish old hardwood floors than to replace them with new wood. What’s more, the presence of your old hardwood flooring in your newly designed space is a terrific way to merge the old and new in your home.

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#2: Keep the cabinets

Are you planning a kitchen update? Keeping your old kitchen cabinets is a cost-effective way to mesh the old and new in your kitchen. Read “12 Easy Ways to Upgrade Basic Kitchen Cabinets” at for inspiration.

#3: Paint Paneling

Is your house overflowing with so much knotty pine paneling that you feel as if you’re living at a summer camp? Rather than replacing the wood wall coverings with plain drywall, consider painting the paneling to add a modern twist to an old favorite.

#4: Add some flair to the fireplace

The fireplace is a focal point of a room, and a beautiful fireplace sets the stage for a welcoming space. If the mechanicals of your fire is sound, it makes sense to think about preserving it by adding a touch of modern flair to bring it into the present. This Old House recommends updating your fireplace by adding things like (1) a new mantel, (2) tiling the hearth and surround, and (3) glass doors.

#5: Put a new welcome mat at your old front door

Your front door says hello to everyone who enters your home, and it is easy to opt to replace a worn door during your home renovation. Before you go shopping for a new door, it’s worthwhile to look into ways to breath new life into your existing door. Many well-loved entries contain wood that is amenable to resanding and updating through a modern color of paint.

Lastly, you’ll make many choices during your home renovation, and we hope that you’ll consider keeping the things that you love in your home. There’s always room for a delightful blending of old and new stuff in a home renovation.

Silvercrest Custom Homes and Renovations knows how to preserve the vintage character of your home while also adding the modern elements that characterize life today. Contact us for professional advice about your home renovation goals.

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