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Did you know that one of the surest ways to raise your home value in Vancouver is through a bathroom remodel? Indeed, homebuyers consistently rate a delightful bathroom and kitchen as essential features in a home, and they’re willing to compete for houses that have them. Here are four ways to make your bathroom makeover a sound investment.

Experts say that a bathroom is second only to a terrific kitchen in its impact on home value. Adding a full bath to a one bathroom house significantly ramps up the desirability of a home. There’s no denying that upgrading an out of date bathroom makes your home more attractive to buyers and is more likely to lead to a faster sale.

Four things to keep in mind

#1: Target the remodel to match the neighborhood

Although you might adore relaxing in a new bathroom that rivals what you’d find at a luxurious resort, you won’t see a massive return on your investment if houses in your neighborhood feature modest bathrooms. Keep your bathroom design in step with your community to reap the most significant resale return.

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#2: Tone down the trendy options

Your new bath will be with you for decades, and it’s essential that the room design isn’t so stylish that you’ll tire of it within a few years. ConsumerAffairs suggests that you stay away from things like (1) giant soaking tubs, (2) high-end plumbing elements, (3) trendy colors, and (4) subway tile as these elements have become so overdone that they’re losing popularity with homebuyers.

#3: Design around what you love

Don’t make the mistake of designing a bathroom that focuses on a future buyer so much that it doesn’t reflect the things that you relish. Scour design resources such as (1) home renovation magazines and websites, (2) model homes, and (3) Pinterest for help in crafting a bathroom design that makes you happy.

#4: Get expert advice

No matter the extent of your project, it’s an excellent idea to get expert advice. Professional designers and building contractors know how to help you achieve your design goals within a budget that matches your requirements.

Lastly, improving the functionality and livability of a bathroom adds to your home value in Vancouver. Make sure that you don’t choose overly trendy designs, and you keep your remodel in line with others in your neighborhood to see the most economic payoff.

Silvercrest Custom Homes and Renovations has helped people create beautiful new bathroom spaces for years in Vancouver, B.C. Contact us for complete bathroom renovation services.

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