Laneway House Guide

laneway house plan guide

If your thinking about building a laneway house in the City of Vancouver this laneway house guide will help you understand: What you need to know when looking to build a laneway house for your home in Vancouver An overview of the technical terms you need to know while building a laneway house Rules and regulations that … Read more

Building a Coach Home

laneway clearing 1

Coach House Overview In this guide, we will talk about five things. What should you know when building a coach house? Specific guidelines you need to follow when building a coach house How does a coach house differ to a main house? The pre-application process you need to follow Other considerations to keep in mind … Read more

Outdoor Furniture Trends

Custom Home Outdoor Furniture Trends

Outdoor Furniture Trends The enchanting spring breeze is beaconing in Vancouver! Now’s the time to get your fair share of the graceful spring breeze. Spend more time outdoors this season to give your family time, pastime and leisure a spin of fresh spring breeze. In this feature, we explore some outdoor furniture trends that can … Read more

Downsizing your Home for Retirement

laneway house for retirement

The advantages of downsizing to a laneway house as a retiree You can do a whole lot with the money you save from downsizing your home during retirement. The very idea of finding a new home presents another adventure to keep you active as you adapt to your new lifestyle as a retiree. A laneway house provides these benefits … Read more