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An Introduction to Custom Homes in Vancouver



Do you fantasize about living in a home that was specifically designed to meet the needs of your family? Giving up a cookie cutter house lifestyle is not out of your reach. Keep reading for an introduction to custom homes in Vancouver, B.C.

What is a custom home?

A custom home meets your desires in a house exactly. An architect, or sometimes a home designer, will meet with you to plan a home that fits your wishes.

Here are a few of the exciting reasons that building a custom home might be the best thing for your family.

Choose your architect

Have you ever walked through a newly constructed neighborhood and admired a particular house so much that you could imagine yourself living in it? One of the best benefits of building a custom home is that you can hire an architect who specializes in creating the style of home that makes your spirit soar.

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Floor plan control

Do you want a large family room with patio doors that open onto a backyard screened porch? How about a chef’s kitchen that is entirely wheelchair accessible? The floor plan design of your custom home matches your vision. You can achieve the type of floor plan that best suits how your family uses a living space.

Design Decisions

Since you choose all of the finishing touches in a custom house, you’ll have the opportunity to immerse yourself in an environment that you’ve created. For example, your kitchen can feature such things as all white cabinets with quartz counter-tops if that fits your vision. You might also decide on luxurious carpeting throughout the bedrooms. The design choices are endless, and your only constraints are (1) budget, (2) availability of materials, and (3) personal desire.

Builder choice

Let’s face it; all custom home builders are not equal. One of the attractions of building a custom home is that you hire the contractor. Since it’s up to you to pick a contractor who specializes in creating custom homes in Vancouver, you’ll sleep better at night if you research your options before hiring a company to build your home.

Lastly, are you ready to join the many families who’ve chosen to build custom homes in Vancouver? Silvercrest Custom Homes and Renovations has a long history of constructing custom homes in the Vancouver area, and we’d love to chat with you about how a custom home will benefit your family. Contact us for a complimentary consultation today.

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