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Garage trends home owners should look into in 2019


These days, Vancouver homeowners are transforming their boring, monotonous garages into a cradle for passions, a personal sanctuary or an entertainment hub. With 2019 custom home garage trends in Vancouver homeowners are opting for Custom Home Garage Trends in Vancouver that act as multifunctional garages and serve as workshop, a hobby work, game room, and lots more.

This idea of Custom Home Garage Trends in Vancouver is leading to the integration of a wider array of features into the garage, from smart functionalities to turntables, air conditioning and lighting. The following is a highlight of garage trends currently holding sway in Vancouver in 2019.




Enhanced Aesthetics

Garages in Vancouver are coming to life with enhanced aesthetics. Homeowners are opting to infuse more flair in their garage design, from garage doors to flooring, and cabinetry. The cabinetry can provide ample storage in the garage, while also uplifting the aesthetics. And with top-notch flooring options, not only can you enhance the look of your garage, but you can also protect it from corrosive substances and dirt. In essence, enhancing your garage’s aesthetics can be tantamount to increasing its value and functionality.


Garage Workshops

To an increasing number of homeowners, garages have become a hub for DIY projects. More homeowners are coming to find their garages a more suitable place than other places like shades for carrying out hobbies and pet projects.

With this garage trend, we’re seeing homeowners installing extensive lighting and many electrical outlets to cater for lighting and power needs of their activities. For small garages, you can use smaller LED lights rather than large overhead lights to illuminate the garage workshop. You can set up an electrical strip to avoid having to switch between different devices plugged into an outlet while working.


Storage Space

More Vancouver homeowners are also looking to maximize the storage space that their garage can offer. From walls to ceilings and everywhere in between in a garage, structures can be put in place to expand the storage space in a garage.

However, access efficiency is as important as space efficiency when it comes to arranging storage space in a garage. You can store items used occasionally such as Christmas decor and season gear in a way that allows you to easily store and retrieve frequently used items. The arrangement of storage space should not hinder your parking space.


Smart Technology

With advancements in technology, there’s been a proliferation of smart technologies for garages catering to security and convenience. These technologies allow you to use your new home garage trends more conveniently and with enhanced security. The most popular smart garage technologies include smart garage doors, automatic lighting, smoke detectors, moisture detectors, fire alarms, and overhead motorized storage.



Car turntables are a nifty car parking option that allows you to bother less about the position of your car inside the garage. A car turntables gets your vehicle facing the desired direction within seconds without any effort on your part. They can be installed inside the garage or on the drive way of custom build homes. Though they belong more to the class of luxury garage features, they allow for greater safety while parking.


Settling for any of these Garage Trends?


These trends will help you make the most out of your custom homes garage this year. Contact us at Silvercrest Custom Homes and Renovation, we’ll hep you develop the most befitting ideas for a garage that works for your lifestyle.

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