Project Design Vancouver

Having difficulties finding what you are looking for on the market? We can take your custom designs and turn them into a reality.

From beginning to end, SCH will help bring your dream home to reality.


The planning process is a very crucial component for any project. We work with our clients to help select designers or architects that we highly recommend based on a history of exceptional work. This selection process allows you to determine what designer or architect best suites your needs. For any project, regardless of size, the planning and management process will determine its success, so it’s paramount that the design phase takes priority.

Silvercrest’s design team loves creating spaces that honour our client’s lifestyle and vision. From function and flow to facade and finishes, we collaborate with our clients on the necessities of their dream home. Under our construction process, we take a streamlined approach through the design stages to establish key benchmarks, clear timelines, and above all, gain a keen understanding of your future home.

SCH specializes in designing high-performance luxury homes. Created for comfort and energy efficiency, our houses are built to last and reduce carbon footprint, reducing long-term cost.

Building a luxury, high-performance home does not mean spending more money or compromising on material selections. It is about building a comfortable, healthy, low-maintenance residence and, at the same time, an energy efficient home. We can create custom home designs of any architectural style.

Project Design to Fit Your Lifestyle

We do it all from designing unique and innovative contemporary homes to designing a cottage house for your property. Regardless if you have some idea of what you want your new home to look like or not.

We ensure you’re putting the project design of your home in the right hands with Silvercrest. Let us get started on making your desire for building your luxury home a reality.

Our project home designers are the best. If you want a laneway home built on your land, schedule an appointment with us. We will give you accurate information on whether you can do so and cost estimates.

Whatever style of home you want, contemporary or traditional, or if you want a custom home, we can be of assistance. We are devoted to designing and constructing visually appealing homes in Vancouver. With attention to detail and personalized service, we partner with you to ensure that you get precisely what you want with your new house.

Whether this is your first residence or the house you’ve dreamed of after you retired, our dedication to satisfying you remains the same. As the most-trusted business for custom home building and project designing in Vancouver, you aren’t just a number. You’re number one. With us, it isn’t just business. Every home construction job we undertake is personal to us


SCH partners with your architect to bring your home to life.  Honouring our commitment to architectural integrity, we diligently build relationships with architecture firms to ensure idea to construction is united and collaboration is harmonious.

Home Design and Construction in Vancouver with Innovation

We design living spaces of high quality. Our contractors offer a vast range of custom home designs, or they can partner with your architect.

We have the capability to work as designer and builder on any of our projects. With a basic knowledge of the way home designing and building work together and the expenses involved in custom home designs, we can simplify our way of working with you to put your project design on the fast track to becoming your new home.

We are daring in our approach in taking on new and exciting home design projects. Our home builders welcome and meet all tasks with respect and creativity to think up with the best solutions. Our project design methods let us be an effective single source of responsibility to you. Honesty and trust are critical to us being successful. We work with commitment and purpose for the extent of your project.

We are ready to manage your need for project design in Vancouver. We want you to get the home of your dreams. Our objective is to design houses of superior quality, perform work we’re proud of, and always improving how we construct through the craftsmanship of our talented team.

The valuable lessons we have learned over the years have formed our core values. Our talented project designers are what makes us stand out from other project design companies in Vancouver, BC.

When you’re thinking about project designing for your custom home, it is vital to begin with a business that has experience. We’ve been a proud member of the Vancouver community for several years. From new custom home construction to laneway homes, we have seen and done it all. We are the experts who get the work completed on schedule well within any budget.

We do it all!

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