City of Burnaby Accepting Applications for Laneway Houses Beginning September 18, 2023

Starting September 18, 2023 Burnaby City is welcoming applications for laneway homes and secondary suites in semi-detached houses. These new housing options will broaden choices for homeowners and renters without altering the city’s neighborhood character. Both laneway homes and semi-detached suites cannot be sold separately from the main residence and are expected to be utilized … Read more

What is the Construction Process of Building a Laneway House New Westminster

What Is The Construction Process Of Building A Laneway House New Westminster 1. Design and Permits: a. Hire an architect or designer specializing in laneway houses to create a detailed plan that meets your requirements and adheres to the city’s regulations. b. Obtain necessary permits and approvals from the City of Vancouver. This includes building … Read more

What is the City of Burnaby allowing for minimum parking spots and maximum size of laneway house?

Laneway House

The city of Burnaby is seeking feedback from residents regarding new laneway housing rules that are being considered. According to Burnaby Now, the proposed rules include a requirement for one parking spot, and a maximum size of 1500 square feet for laneway houses. Additionally, laneway houses in the Heights area of Burnaby would be limited … Read more

Is Building a Laneway House in New Westminster a Practical Solution for Addressing the Housing Affordability Crisis

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Laneway Houses in New Westminster: An Affordable Housing Solution As the cost of housing in the Lower Mainland continues to rise, more and more homeowners are turning to alternative housing options, such as building a laneway house. A laneway house, also known as a coach house, is a small detached dwelling built on the same … Read more