Net Zero Homes | The Ultimate in Comfort and Efficiency

Silvercrest Custom Homes Completes Net Zero Building Science Training Silvercrest Custom Homes, a prominent leader in the custom home building industry, has recently completed the Net Zero Building Science Training, marking a significant milestone in their commitment to sustainable and environmentally responsible construction practices. This achievement underscores their dedication to not only meeting but surpassing

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City of Burnaby Accepting Applications for Laneway Houses Beginning September 18, 2023

Starting September 18, 2023 Burnaby City is welcoming applications for laneway homes and secondary suites in semi-detached houses. These new housing options will broaden choices for homeowners and renters without altering the city’s neighborhood character. Both laneway homes and semi-detached suites cannot be sold separately from the main residence and are expected to be utilized

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Steel Structures in Residential House Builds

Building with Strength and Style: Advantages and Considerations of Using a Steel Skeleton Structure in Residential House Builds in Vancouver, BC

Silvercrest Custom Homes, a reputable home builder in Vancouver, BC, has extensive experience in constructing high-quality custom homes. By incorporating their expertise and services, you can further enhance the benefits of using a steel skeleton structure. Here’s how Silvercrest Custom Homes can contribute to the advantages mentioned earlier: Strength and Durability:  Silvercrest Custom Homes can

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laneway house burnaby

What To Know About Building A Laneway House In Burnaby BC

What To Know About Building A Laneway House in Burnaby BC If you’re considering building a laneway home, Silvercrest Custom Homes is here to assist you every step of the way. With their expertise in custom home construction, they can help you create a beautifully designed and functional laneway home that meets your specific needs.

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What is the Construction Process of Building a Laneway House New Westminster

What Is The Construction Process Of Building A Laneway House New Westminster 1. Design and Permits: a. Hire an architect or designer specializing in laneway houses to create a detailed plan that meets your requirements and adheres to the city’s regulations. b. Obtain necessary permits and approvals from the City of Vancouver. This includes building

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