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Outdoor life is important to the citizens of Maple Ridge. The weather is ideal all year round, which allows you to enjoy the open-air. There are many exciting activities to appreciate in the city. Some are culturally related and some are a nature lover’s dream come true. No matter what you are searching for, you will find it in Maple Ridge.

Museums are great ways to spend your time while you are in province. Maple Ridge Museum is located in an old building that once belonged to the manager of Port Haney Brick and Tile years ago. Inside the museum features history about the area along with a diorama of the first railroads in Canada. The museum has permanent and traveling exhibits for everyone to enjoy.

Are you looking to see a play? The performing arts are very popular. There is a place called the Showstoppers Academy that trains performers from all ages. They even have theatrical shows that the public can attend. In addition, there is a group that gets together and they call themselves the P.L.A.Y. Society. P.L.A.Y. stands for Professional Live Arts for Youth. The offer specialized training to children and young adults. With the production filming that occurs in the area, these students have great opportunity right in their backyard.

With such a beautiful atmosphere, it is easy to see why the locals love to be outside. Some people prefer the equestrian sport. Riding horses along the shore or at a barn, the old past time is sure to be found all over Maple Ridge. If you are a newbie to riding horses, that’s ok too. Guided tours along the amazing countryside are available for a small fee.

You can fish at the coast or in a pond to pass the time. Pack a lunch and have a lazy day on the water. You will be sure to catch the biggest fish in Canada while visiting Maple Ridge. Whether you are a professional or amateur angler, the sport of fishing in Maple Ridge is sure to please.

Depending on the time of year, you can try your luck at ice-skating. During the winter months, find a frozen pond to experience the best time of the season AND your life. Skating along with your friends and family can be pure joy. It adds to the magical atmosphere that is Maple Ridge.

While you are at the local ice-skating rink, check out the popular sport of curling. This competitive sport isn’t just for the Olympics, everyone can participate. Are you a fan of the cold weather activities? How about strapping on a pair of skis? Make sure you try the beginner course first. Trying the expert slopes before you are trained is a recipe for disaster.

Snow sports aren’t the only popular activity in the B.C. province. The area promotes healthy activity among visitors and locals alike. Visit the pool, indoor bike park, or hiking trails. Be the first among your friends to climb the rock wall.

No matter what you like to do in your spare time, you will not be disappointed when you are in the Ridge. Relaxing and active ventures are available no matter what the season is.

History also runs rich in Maple Ridge, British Columbia. Click here to learn more about Maple Ridge history and heritage.

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