Climate/Geography, Maple Ridge

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Maple Ridge, British Columbia is a wonderful place to visit no matter what month it is. The province in Canada is an appealing place to live, work or visit. The climate in the region is very mild and you will sure be relaxed during your stay. You will enjoy yourself any time of the year. After all, this community is outdoorsy so be prepared to be active while enjoying the scenery.

The wintertime is around 30-40 degrees Fahrenheit. November, December and January are the city’s rainiest months. When it is not raining, it is snowing. There is always some kind of precipitation occurring, but that’s what makes this area so fun. There is always something to do outdoors or inside. You could try your luck with skiing or just sit around a fire and enjoy your family’s company.

Spring months warm up a bit. The temperature is in the mid-60’s (Fahrenheit). There is a slight chill in the air but it is enjoyable all the same. Flowers are blooming and the rains are disappearing to break way for a colorful atmosphere. Take this time to go canoeing or delight in a picnic in the park.

Summers in Maple Ridge are perfect – there is no simpler way to say it. The sun is shining and it is a balmy 70 degrees Fahrenheit. The weather is perfect for a day at the beach or a nature trail walk. Whatever you decide, you won’t have to worry about the climate. You will be too busy focusing on your chosen activity than to concern yourself with the heat.

The fall temperature is just like all of the other seasons. It is enjoyable and irresistible at the same time. Just with the other times of year, the locals are out enjoying life. Fishing and kayaking are popular activities to participate in while you are in the area during the fall season.

The geography of Maple Ridge is quite vast. The elevation of the land is not massive, but there is enough to go on an afternoon mountain hike. There are lakes to explore and beaches to relax on. An area with all of the landforms…who could ask for more?

The aspect of Maple Ridge that is interesting is the city is broken up into various communities. Each neighborhood has a unique attribute that adds to the history of Maple Ridge.

Albion, Haney, Kanaka Creek, Port Hammond, Ruskin, Webster’s Corners, Whonnock and Yennadon are the names of the various regions that make up Maple Ridge. Contained within the regions are historical buildings and monuments that tell the story of Maple Ridge. Some of the areas are rural and beaming with beautiful nature experiences. Other areas are small cities that are bustling, urban metropolises. You will find natural environments or city life in Maple Ridge.

Whenever you decide to visit the great city of Maple Ridge, you will be completely amazed. The climate is alluring and makes this place a must see for people of all ages.

Not only does Maple RidgeHave a great climate it is also the perfect place for education whether you are just starting in kindergarten or getting ready to graduate high school.

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