Laneway Home Construction

Laneway Home Construction Phase Involves everything from demolition of any old garages framing and lock up exterior details all the way to the paint & interior trim works the final stage of this step is issuance of the  final occupancy permit from the city This process takes 5-6 months and will depend upon the complexity of the design.

Budget and Allowance Review

The Budget and Allowance Review Phase Involves presenting and reviewing a detailed, allowance budget We begin construction of the laneway upon client acceptance. The process usually takes 2 weeks and runs concretely with the permit application and interior design phase.

Budget and Allowance Preparation

The Budget and Allowance Preparation Phase Involves Project is tendered for pricing from various suppliers and approved sub-trades. Specialty products are sourced and priced at this time. This process takes approx 4 weeks and runs concurrently with the permit application and interior design phase.

Survey and Plan Design

The Survey and Plan Design Phase involves: an on-site consultation to determine opportunities and identify any site specific issues we then proceed with a site survey we then review floor plan design, your design is what drives our objectives This stage usually lasts approximately 4-5 weeks

Permit Application & Interior Design

The Permit Application & Interior Design Phase Involves: the initial application for your city permits interior design coordination detailed plan building specification listing is generated for the project This process usually takes 3-4 months