City of Burnaby Accepting Applications for Laneway Houses Beginning September 18, 2023

Starting September 18, 2023 Burnaby City is welcoming applications for laneway homes and secondary suites in semi-detached houses. These new housing options will broaden choices for homeowners and renters without altering the city’s neighborhood character. Both laneway homes and semi-detached suites cannot be sold separately from the main residence and are expected to be utilized for intergenerational housing, providing separate living spaces for family members on a shared property.

  Burnaby Mayor Mike Hurley expressed, “This is a significant step forward for our efforts to increase housing in Burnaby while preserving the local character cherished by residents in single-family neighborhoods.”

Details on the application process will be accessible on the City’s website starting September 18.

These innovative housing forms mark the initial phase of Burnaby’s Housing Choices program, aimed at introducing adaptable housing solutions to residential neighborhoods. Burnaby meticulously refined regulations and guidelines for these housing types through a year-long engagement process, beginning in spring 2022. This process involved extensive consultation with stakeholders, including residents in single/two-family home areas, housing advocacy groups, potential builders, and transportation organizations. Public surveys, open houses, and resident workshops were conducted to understand stakeholder preferences for laneway home regulations, including parking, green space, home size, and lot eligibility. Today’s bylaw amendments reflect the collected feedback, striking a balance between existing neighborhood character and the need for additional housing.

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