Dirty Grout Lines


Do You Have Some Dirty Grout Lines?  Here’s a quick tip!


This is just a short post on dealing with dirty grout lines in you kitchen or your bathroom.  We came upon this client who didn’t like their light coloured tile because the light coloured grout was so difficult for them to clean.   Just having the right tools makes it an easy task to get that like new sparkle.


Basic tools for Cleaning Grouts

  1. bucket
  2. a couple of Home Depot cleaning cloths
  3. small pot scrubber and;
  4. cleaning solution courtesy, yup you guessed it, Home Depot

Our cleaning solution of choice is Grout & Tile Cleaner by TILELabs


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A few Home Depot cleaning cloths and a small scrubber for dishes


Screen Shot 2018 12 23 at 3.04.46 PM


Screen Shot 2018 12 21 at 9.12.16 PM 1


A word of caution when using these cloths, the colour tends to leach out.  So don’t use them when doing a grouting job!

Get started, working in small sections, spray the solution on the grout lines and leave on for the recommended time.  (5-10 seconds seemed to do the job).  Using the scrub brush on the grout lines you just sprayed by scrubbing parallel with the line and then in a circular motion.  Be careful not to over scrub the grout lines as you don’t want to dislodge or remove any of the grout. Once you have completed a small section simply wipe with the damp HD cloth then move on to your next section and repeat.

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