Lighting Trends for Custom Homes

Lighting Trends for Custom Homes in Coquitlam. The lighting in your custom home can serve many purposes other than to illuminate. As such, it’s totally reasonable if you clamor for more dynamism in your lighting. The lighting choices you make should meet certain criteria, including trendiness and the unique functional needs of each space. For instance, a certain choice that’s befitting for the porch may not be suitable for the bathroom. And with changes in the tastes and preferences that rule, you would want to avoid choices that might throw your home into the country’s backwater.

In this piece, we outline 4 Lighting Trends for custom homes in Coquitlam that homeowners are keenly considering this year.

LED All the Way

The green movement is still a rage today in Coquitlam, and that is reflected in the flourishing popularity of LED lighting here. Besides being more environmentally friendly, LED lighting is also much more efficient and last longer than traditional incandescent bulbs. It produces much lessheat, helping reduce your power consumption. Another reason why LED lighting is rising in popularity is the abundance of design and style it comes in.

Bigger is Better

Lighting Trends for Coquitlam Custom Homeswith elaborate furnishings, lighting that occupies a larger vertical space are a great match. Bigger lighting is also suitable for use with smaller furnishing. Moreover, the bigger the lighting, the more central it becomes as a feature in the space. Bigger lighting also comes with a greater ‘wow’ factor. Large lighting is suitable for use in various parts of the house, from the porch to the living room and kitchen. It’s also ideal for external lighting in walkways.

The best position for larger lighting is at the center of the room, from where it can project itself maximally across the room.

The Neo Mid Century Modern

When it comes to classical styles, mid-century modern rules the roster. It reflects a preference for lavish details, geometric lines and robust contours that make for greater intrigue. It embraces mixed metal, sporting natural color palettes. The Neo mid-century modern style can elevate the accent and focal point of the room significantly. With the right bulb that produces an ambient glow, this type of lighting can imbue your home with a luxurious charm.

Vintage Edison-Style Bulbs:

Another style high up the list of historic styles, vintage Edison-style bulbs are a bona fide retro lighting trend for the year. With a conical bottom half, the bulbs are quintessentially homely, but their vast variety of designs inject a whole lot flair into your home. They’re best suited to a retro/industrial accent, and can be used in various spaces, from the kitchen to the bedrooms, and the living room. What’s more, they also come in LED variations which last longer and consume less energy than their incandescent models.

The Parting Shot

With so many different lighting trends for custom homes in Coquitlam, let your home’s lighting show your true colors! You don’t need to confine yourself to any one of these lighting choices, as you can spruce up your home with a combination of two or more of these styles, or with a different style entirely, depending on your taste. Silvercrest Custom Homes and Renovations can help you go for styles that suit your taste best without breaking your bank. Contact us today to help you light the way. For a great selection of lighting choices check out SM Lighting.